DZExtract LG DZ file format and extract tool lg ks20

Everything is in the title, just click on the link below to download the file.

Latest version : DZ Extract Version 0.2

Some details about the various format found in the DZ file.

DZ File format
Offset length (byte) Description
0×0 0×8 Magic code “MSTXMETX”
0×8 0×2 Unknown, same value in all files (value 0×01)
0xA 0×2 Separator ? (value 0×0)
0xC 0×2 Unknown, same value in all files (value 0x0B)
0xE 0×2 Separator ? (value 0×0)
0×10 0×6 Unknow, value differs from file to file
0×16 0×2 Unknown, same value in all files (value0x01C8)
0×18 0×8 String, phone model ? (value “KS20″)
0×20 0×50 String, file title ?
0×70 0x1C Two null terminated string concatened (“[chipmodel]\\0[osname]\\0″)
0x8C 0×80 String, DZ filename
0x10C 0×20 Separator (filled with 0xFF)
0x12C 0×10 Header MD5 hash
0x13C Variable Concatened subfiles (see Subfile format)
0×78 Offset Table, unknown useage
Optionnal data, present in some DZ file (unknown)


Subfile format
Offset length (byte) Description
0×0 0×4 Magic code “SSTX”
0×4 0×2 Unknown, same value for all subheaders (value 0×01)
0×6 0×2 Separator ? (value 0×0)
0×8 0×2 File Type ?
0xA 0×6 Separator ? (filled with 0×0)
0×10 0×4 Data length
0×14 0×80 Filename, null terminated string
0×94 0×10 Separator (filled with 0xFF)
0xA4 0×10 Uncompressed data MD5 hash
0xB4 0×10 Subheader MD5 Hash
0xC4 Data length Gzip compressed data


File type
Type Filename Description
0×3 amss.mbn AMSS modem
0×8 partition.mbn Partition table
0xA qcsblhd_cfgdata.mbn QCSBL header
0xB qcsbl.mbn QCSBL
0xC oemsblhd.mbn OEM boot header
0xD oemsbl.mbn OEM boot
0xE amsshd.mbn AMSS modem header
0×13 appsboothd.mbn APPS boot loader header
0×14 appsboot.mbn APPS boot loader
0×15 FLASH.bin Windows CE flash.bin
0×16 apps.mbn APPS

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