Flash.bin build tool for LG KS 20

This is a command line tool to extract content from a flash.bin file and rebuild a new one using other file parts. Click on the link below to download the tool.

Latest version : LGFlashMuncher Version 0.2

Usage :

LGFlashMuncher.exe [options] path [output]
  EXTRACT Options ---(at least one option required)-----------------------------
        -r      : extract Raw data
        -h      : extract header
        -m      : extract MBR
        -p      : extract partitions
        -t      : trim extracted partitions
        -l      : output layout informations to file 'flash.xml'
        -o      : output OS.nb compatible file
        output  : path to output directory (must exists)

  CREATE Options  ---(all options required)-------------------------------------
        -c file : create new flash.bin outputed to 'file'
                  (MBR and fat partition are taken from original flash.bin)
        -e file : use 'file' for header
        -0 file : use 'file' for partition 0 (boot)
        -1 file : use 'file' for partition 1 (rawfs)
        -2 file : use 'file' for partition 2 (imgfs)

  COMMON Option  ---------------------------------------------------------------
        path       : path to flash.bin file

Next, how to extract data from a flash.bin to a directory named output :

LGFlashMuncher.exe -htmlp FLASH.bin output

How to rebuild a new flash.bin :

LGFlashMuncher.exe -c newflash.bin -e header.bin -0 part_0_BOOT.bin -1 part_1_RAWFS.bin -2 part_2_IMGFS.bin FLASH.bin
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